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Have you ever been to a club night that offered a midnight mass? No? That’s because you’ve never been to Brazilian Wax, a filthy-gorgeous queer Latin dance party that’s about to rock your world... 

 Time Out 


I’ve been throwing excellent parties for as many as 1000 people since 2013. Follow this link for an example.

I’ve also run weekend festivals and private and corporate events and workshops for organisations like The Soho House Group. 

My events often involve music, live performance, and lots of moving parts - think 15 samba drummers processing into a dancing crowd,  think pole dancing, audience contests, speed dating, roaming scent stations and big bands....

Email me if you have a great idea for a (live or online) event, need help bringing an event together, you need someone to run a fundraiser Or you need someone to manage your event.

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