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You can find out more about my collaborators here: 

With Joana Nastari I was a 2020/21 resident at Raven Row

I'm currently working with the brilliant Dynamite Island on their artistic strategy and a new video project... 


... with Squint Theatre on a new theatre project

and with the inimitable Christopher Green on a community art experiment. 

You can follow Fuck You Pay Me and associated projects here

I run queer party Brazilian Wax ....and founded queer disco HEY QT which is run in Edinburgh & Glasgow by disco savant Mondo Bongo.



And here are some other exceptional companies... 

Pecs Drag Kings 

Stage One

Brainchild & Brainchild Festival


Daisy Hale

Linda Bloomfield

Celine Lowenthal
Jessica Edwards

Chris Sonnex


...Live artists...

Christopher Green


There is great work being done by the following activist groups:


Freelance Task force
United Voices of The World

Decriminalised Futures
Women's Strike


...and here are some organisations making the arts & the world a safer, more accessible place:

Tripod Training

Gendered Intelligence 


The Forest

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